Some history

Astypalaia took its name from the daughter of Phoenix and Perimidis, who was sister of Europe. From the union of Astypalaia and Poseidon was born the legendary king Ancaeus Argonaut and King of Kos Eurypylus. The first inhabitants were Kares, who called it Pyra (fire) from the reddish color of the rocks.



The astypalaia is surrounded by many beautiful beaches. The physical configuration is rich, featuring large beaches, such as in the Livadi, the Vatches, the Kaminakia, Agios Ioannis, Steno, fine sand and smaller creeks as the Τζανακια and plates.


Places to visit

First of all the Castle of Astypalaia. Founded by the Venetian officer of the Duchy of Naxos, Giovanni Querini in 1413. Its construction from local iron rock to the position held by the ancient acropolis of the island, he revived the settlement and ensured its survival against the prospective intruders.


How to get here

See here all routes and all the information to get to Astypalea safely and on time. There is also information on local transport.



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Recipes from Astypalaia and surrounding islands. Try to enjoy the taste and understand the gastronomic culture of our islands.

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